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    With our proprietary REST formula, you'll be falling asleep faster and more reliably hitting your REM cycles so that you wake up feeling refreshed. Don't let the effects of caffeine or alcohol negatively effect your sleep quality. It's proven that better sleep leads to better cognitive performance throughout the day and that's what our REST product is designed to deliver.

    How We'll Help You REST

    Melatonin + 5-HTP

    Melatonin is a compound naturally produced and released by your body when they're less light to help regulate your circadian rhythm on a daily basis. 5-HTP is derived from L-Tryptophan (the amino acid in turkey that makes you tired) and helps your body naturally produce melatonin. Taking both can help counteract the negative effects of blue light from screens and prime your body for faster, longer sleep.  


    Chamomile extract is an herbal remedy that helps encourage relaxation and sleep. It can be consumed as an herbal tea, or in the case of our REST formula, combined with Melatonin and other natural ingredients to get a great nights sleep.

    Valerian & Ashwagandha

    Valerian Root has a calming effect on people reducing nervous tension that might come from spending hours worrying about a project. Ashwagandha root is a known adaptogen with many health properties including reduced stress. Together, these two roots form a foundation of natural calm before you doze off.

    Other Ingredients