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    Our FOCUS brain health product features a number of different ingredients to help you stay focused for longer periods during the week, without any major stimulants or negative side effects. Take one serving per day to help enhance your attention and potential.

    After a month of continuous use, customers have described an ability to more quickly enter a flow state when working on projects that need a high level of concentration. 

    How We'll Help you FOCUS

    Bacopa Extract


    Bacopa extract is a natural plant-based ingredient that helps improve memory, attention, and overall brain health. It is one of the more powerful nootropics available and when combined with our other key ingredients, delivers incredible focus over time.

    Green Tea Leaf Extract


    Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants like EGCG that work in conjunction with the natural caffeine found in tea leaves to extend the duration of the effect without causing jitters. EGCG is also proven to help reduce inflammation and stress, making this the perfect addition to help with times of high-stress, when focus is needed.

    DMAE Bitartrate

    DMAE is an organic compound naturally produced in the brain and proven to help protect brain function, improve memory, and encourage intense focus. While it comes in several variations, we've chosen DMAE Bitartrate as it has a higher bio-availability (it works better) than other similar compounds.

    Bilberry Extract

    Bilberry is a natural fruit you might confuse with blueberriess, but in fact contain a richer amount of anthocyanins (bright-colored antioxidants) than your typical blueberry. Bilberry extract has been shown to support eye health and healthy bloodflow as well.

    The Other Ingredients