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An yeah we know, nobody ACTUALLY studies or gets work done like this >>


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To create the safest and most effective products to help you accomplish and enjoy more in your life.

Why Finals Week?

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We're particular about our ingredients and use the best.

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Breakthrough formulas that are designed and tested thoroughly.

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Our Story

Ben and Jason had never had the same study habits through college. Ben was meticulous about details and Jason was focused on the bigger themes and concepts. What they had in common was their need to find a solution to help themselves focus longer, retain more details, and get a decent nights sleep before test days, despite anxiety about what might be on them. That was us in college.

After having tried various combinations of prescription strength and more natural nootropics, we came across what we felt was the perfect combination to help focus and improve memory throughout the day and get great sleep at night. Once our friends started trying our combinations, we knew we had something that we should share with more people.

While our name might be finals week, we're focused on helping people beyond their college exams and well into the most important years of their careers.

We're here for the long-haul and want to be your partner in enhancing your brain health.